Woolworths worker calls out Aussie shoppers' common checkout mistake

Liam, who is often featured on the supermarket's TikTok, demonstrated the 'helpful shopping hack'.

A Woolworths staffer known for his viral in-store hacks has schooled shoppers on how to place their drink bottles on checkout conveyor belts, much to the annoyance of some defiant Aussies.

Supermarket employee Liam Kirley — who is often featured on the chain’s TikTok — demonstrated the “helpful shopping hack” in a video posted on Saturday.

Woolworths staffer Liam placing the bottles down on the conveyor belt and standing up right with a thumb's up.
Woolworths staffer Liam, who is often featured on the supermarket's TikTok, demonstrated the 'helpful shopping hack'. Source: Woolworths_au/TikTok

“If you buy Prime, water, Sprite, Coke, Red Bull, Mother, Powerade or any other drinks, we recommend you don’t put them on the conveyor belt like so as this happens,” he says as he places a Prime bottle and three cans on their side at the checkout. Footage them shows the items rolling in place on the conveyor belt as he stares in frustration.

“This is why it happens. Because it’s a cylinder,” he jokes. “We recommend you place your drinks upright to avoid this.” The clip ends with Liam giving a thumb’s up to the camera as the upright items calmly reach the register.

Woolworths shoppers vow to defy 'hack'

The “hack” has been viewed almost 20,000 times, with one fellow Woolies worker chiming in to say they “agreed with this man”. “Although it is funny to watch when they do start rolling,” they admitted.

While some Aussies said they were going to give it a shot the next time they went to the grocery store, others argued “that’s the fun of it” and vowed to keep placing their drinks on their side.

“Thanks for this awesome tip. I never thought of this, will use next time!” one person wrote. “I don’t care, I’m still, laying them down,” another man commented, as someone else argued it “is so satisfying” to watch them roll.

One woman said she puts her drinks “lengthwise”, claiming they don’t roll and she didn't want to feel like it's going to “fall over”.

Woolies staff call out 'infuriating' customer habits

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The lighthearted video taken at a Melbourne store quickly went viral, and involves staff members imitating customers in real-life scenarios they've encountered while working.

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