Sauce lovers fire up over Heinz poll on new product

Isabella Robinson

Global food giant Heinz has sparked a passionate debate after asking consumers their opinion on a proposed new condiment.

Heinz Ketchup in the US created a poll on Twitter last week, asking people if they would like to see a new product called Mayochup introduced in stores.

"500,000 votes for “yes” and we’ll release it to you saucy Americans," the original Tweet stated.

Who would have thought so many have an opinion about the combination of tomato sauce and mayonnaise? But it seems people have very strong feelings about the idea.

The company survey gave people two selections. The first, "Pass the Heinz Mayochup" and the second option, "Nah, I'll make my own".

Heated debate started online over Mayochup. Source: @HeinzKetchup_US/ Twitter

A number of people said it was about time, claiming it would be "the stuff dreams are made of!"

"This may be your greatest creation yet. I’m going to freak once I see these in stores," another said.

Others could not think of anything worse than Mayochup - labelling the concoction "terrifying", "vile" and "truly disgusting".

It seems people have very strong opinions about condiments. Source: Twitter

"Please, for the love of all that is good, no," one person wrote.

People were also confused about why there was not a straight 'no' option.

"You need a third option...NO. It only has a few uses ...and is another bottle clogging up the vote," a person said.

Some Twitter users would not give the concoction a shot. Source: Twitter.

And the result?

Mayochup has been voted in.

There were 930,691 votes in the poll with 55 per cent, or almost 512,000, in favour of the sauce-mayo combo.

Fifty-five per cent of people want to see the product introduced. Source: Twitter

"But it should have been called Ketchonaise," one Twitter user wrote.

Another agreed, "Ketchonaise does have a nice ring to it. It makes it sound more distinguished and aesthetically pleasing than mayochup."

The name did not appeal to everyone. Source: Twitter

There was also animated discussions about the originality of the concept and that it already exits with a different name.

"Sorry, this is and has always been Fry Sauce," a Twitter user argued.

Fry sauce is normally a combination of one part tomato ketchup and two parts mayonnaise, according to WIkipedia.

Others said they call it pink sauce or Kayo.

But whatever you call it, the company agree it is a mixture that has been tried and tested with a positive outcome, responding to one person "Ketchup and mayonnaise have always been a good idea."

While some are willing to give it a go even if they do not think it will please their tastebuds, others, it seems, may never be persuaded.