Heartwarming moment man proposes to boyfriend as they celebrate 'Yes' win

A newly-engaged couple has spoken out about their delight following the 'Yes' decision on same-sex marriage, which has given them a fairy tale ending after a rollercoaster two-and-a-half years.

Immediately after the decision was revealed by the Australian Bureau of Statistics on Wednesday morning, James Brechney knelt down on one knee at Sydney's Prince Alfred Park before proposing to his long-term partner Stuart Henshall.

"Stuart was a little bit embarrassed by it all, it’s just a great feeling to be able to lock him in, we've been in this together for two-and-a-half years," Mr Brechney told Yahoo7.

James Brechney proposed to his long term partner Stuart immediately after the same-sex marriage results. Source: James Brechney

He revealed his joy over the decision, especially considering the endless campaigning he and his partner took part in to get to this moment.

"It’s just fantastic. The fact that its 61 per cent is an amazing result, it’s really fantastic to know that Australia feels this way," he said.

In a heartwarming video shared to Mr Brechney's Twitter page, he can be seen wearing a bright pink suit on one knee offering his partner a ring of great sentimental value.

"I had it planned for a while," he revealed.

"I had his grandma's ring with me, and with such a resounding result and fighting this fight with all these people it was a beautiful time to do it."

In a heartwarming video, Stuart can be seen saying yes to James' delight. Source: James Brechnell

Mr Henshall can be seen holding his hands to his face in the video, overwhelmed with the occasion before giving a second monumental yes in the space of a minute.

Despite their long wait coming to an end, the pair is unsure of when the wedding will be without a concrete date from the government as to when the new law will come into effect.

"Maybe the Prime Minister should let us know, the way this government behaves who knows, hopefully before Christmas," Mr Brechney said.

But one thing he is certain on is just how their wedding will unfold, when it eventually arrives.

"It’s going to be the tackiest, most outrageous wedding Australia has ever seen."