Heartbreaking twist after pet owner takes dog to groomers

The 'distraught' Aussie woman is now calling for greater safety measures to be implemented at groomers around the country.

Chanelle Sarandis and her late pet Luna the cavoodle, who died under the care of her groomers.
Chanelle Sarandis said she's heartbroken after dropping her beloved cavoodle off at the groomers, only to receive news she'd died under their care. Source: Supplied/TikTok

An utterly "distraught" pet owner is calling for "more safety procedures" to be put in place at dog groomers across the country, after she dropped off her beloved cavoodle for a trim, only to receive a call hours later informing her she had died.

Chanelle Sarandis, from Victoria, said she dropped off her much-loved six-year-old pooch Luna at her regular groomers last week, alongside her second dog Billy, just as she normally would on any other occasion. Sarandis said she went about her business after leaving, but hours later "around the time they are usually finished" got a devastating call that no pet owner ever wants to receive.

Speaking to Yahoo News Australia, Sarandis said the news of Luna's passing left her so hysterical she "cried so much I couldn’t see." "What I was told allegedly happened — as I was not there and am only going by what the groomers said — [was that] there was an incident where Luna got out and was hit by a car," Sarandis told Yahoo.

"They took her to the vet [after the accident, and at that point] she was still conscious. I then called the vet and was advised Luna passed away. My partner and some of our family went to the vet and said our goodbyes to Luna."

Luna the cavoodle is picture, prior to her death.
Luna the cavoodle was six years old at the time she died, with her family left utterly devastated after being told the tragic news. Source: Supplied

According to the groomers, Luna was in the pen "after having her groom without a lead" and another dog "was being picked up and being given to a customer at the gate".

"Luna jumped out of the pen and went under the dogs legs at the gate. A young boy opened the front door and Luna got out," Sarandis said. "I then had to pick up my other dog Billy, all I left with was Luna’s collar and lead."

Sarandis said she's now imploring groomers all over Australia to practice extra caution when caring for people's beloved animals, which she described as like members of the family.

"There should be more procedures in place to ensure our beloved pets are safe and to make sure they go home to their owners," she said. "I do feel this definitely could have been avoided. I believe if Luna didn’t go to this groomers she would still be alive."

Still traumatised, Sarandis said her sadness over Luna's death has left her "broken".

Chanelle Sarandis is calling for change after her pet Luna the cavoodle died under the care of her groomers.
Chanelle Sarandis is now calling on dog groomers all over the country to ensure strict safety measures are in place to prevent similar accidents. Source: TikTok

"I'm overwhelmed, anxious and distraught to the point I nearly vomit. I've cried so much that I couldn’t see," she said. "I miss my little girl, I am taking it day by day. I am also very scared and stressed for when I need to take Billy to get groomed. Sadly I can’t change what has happened to Luna but I want to be a voice and raise awareness and hope for change.

"I don’t want anyone to go through the same pain that I am currently going through."

Sarandis said she'll remember Luna "for her beautiful personality, cheekiness and affection.

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