Headless bodies wash up on popular Thai beach

The men were found on February 6 with a naked body found on Mae Ramphueng Beach, Rayong and the second clothed in just underwear at PMY beach about 10km away, Thai news site Sanook reports.

The naked body was found with cut wounds to the neck. An English language tattoo was found on the man’s wrist.

Police investigating a woman’s head found at a jetty in Prapadaeng, Thailand. Authorities believe the find is related two headless bodies found on Thai beaches. Source: Bright TV

Police believed he was dead for a week before he was found while the other had been dead for about 10 days. The Rayong district is just southeast of the popular tourist spot of Pattaya.

A head believed to be a woman’s was found at a jetty in Prapadaeng about 20km south of Bangkok earlier in the week.

The men’s heads are yet to be found.

It’s believed all the deaths could be linked.