'Is this a Halloween joke?': Woman's disturbing find in supermarket Buffalo wings

Josh Dutton
News Reporter

A Mackay mum said she thought she’d been the victim of a disturbing Halloween prank after finding a chicken head in Buffalo wings she bought from Woolworths.

The mum, who doesn’t want to be named, told Yahoo7 she purchased the chicken online from her store at Mount Pleasant. The wings were delivered to her home on October 30.

As the mum was preparing to cook her wings she noticed a head in the bag.

Photos obtained exclusively by Yahoo7 show the chicken head, marinated, with the rest of the wings.

A Mackay mum claims she found a chicken head in a bag of Ingham’s Chicken Buffalo wings purchased online from Woolworths Mount Pleasant. Source: Supplied

“I just started screaming,” the mum said.

“It took me a few seconds to take in what it was. I was disgusted.”

The woman said she ran into the bathroom to wash her hands. She also warned her daughter not to look at it.

Pictures show the chook head covered in Buffalo marinade. The beak is still attached to the appendage.

She added she was “so lucky” she was paying attention as she would have ended up cooking the chicken head.

The mum said she’s ‘disgusted’ by what she found. Source: Supplied

She later asked Woolworths about the head.

“I said to Woolies, ‘is this some sort of Halloween joke?’” she said. “They were very shocked.”

The woman said Woolworths have since given her a gift card and apologised.

“It’s really the worst thing food-wise I’ve personally seen,” the mum said.

The mum has spoken to Woolworths about it. Source: Supplied

Woolworths purchase their deli chicken products from Ingham’s, who told Yahoo7 in a statement it were investigating the complaint, but unfortunately is “unable to ascertain how in the normal course of events it could have physically occurred in the stepped and technically controlled processing chain”.

“Unfortunately, without the product being returned for detailed analysis we are unable to take the matter through further analysis. We would welcome the opportunity to investigate it further,” the statement reads.

“We have engaged with the customer in the past week, and while we understand the customer has accepted compensation from another party,  it is clear from the matter being raised in the media that this customer believes the matter should be further prosecuted.”

Ingham’s added it takes all customer complaints “very seriously” and will take “every step” to comprehensively meet the matters raised by this customer.

Woolworths said it’s also aware of the complaint and referred it to the supplier to conduct a “thorough investigation”.

“We haven’t seen any other customer reports of this nature on the Ingham’s range,” the spokesperson said.