'Had no idea': TikTok user's helpful McDonald's 'menu hack'

A TikTok user is going viral after revealing how to “always” get fresh, hot French fries at McDonald’s. The answer? All you have to do is ask.

TikTok has long been a source of information for McDonald’s fanatics. In the past, users have shared their money-saving tips, their discovery of little-known menu items and their recipes for at-home versions of the chain’s biggest menu items.

This latest “menu hack,” is really less of a hack, and more so just a piece of helpful information. However, many TikTok users reacted to the news with plenty of surprise.

The video of the McDonald's hack.

TikTok user Lauren Nicole (@laurenicc) was also surprised by the discovery, which seems to be why she shared the info in a now-viral video. In the clip, Nicole reveals that when ordering at the drive-thru or checkout line, you can simply ask to have your fries made fresh.

“Today I learned you can ask for made-to-order fries at McDonald’s,” She wrote in her video.

Nicole’s video, taken in the drive-thru line, shows that McDonald’s even has a menu designation for made-to-order food.

As the TikToker zooms into the screen, it can be seen that her medium fries are listed with an addition: “Cook to Order.”

“Seriously had no idea,” Nicole wrote in a follow-up comment.

As it turns out, it isn’t just McDonald’s French fries that can be made fresh.

In a Reddit post from 2018, one user claiming to be a McDonald’s employee said that customers can request basically any item this way. TikTok users backed up this claim, too.

“I work at McDonald’s, you can literally ask for anything fresh and we’ll do it,” one commenter wrote.

A general view of a McDonalds logo at a restaurant location in Washington, D.C. Source: AAP
A general view of a McDonalds logo at a restaurant location in Washington, D.C. Source: AAP

“Been doing this forever, make sure your cookies are fresh too,” another added.

Some users, however, were upset that customers would have to ask for fresh, hot food.

“Isn’t it crazy you have to ask for fresh food,” one user wrote.

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