The Hack For Eating Bagged Salad That Requires (Almost) No Dishes

open bag of salad
open bag of salad - Joe_potato/Getty

When life becomes a little hectic, healthy eating habits are often first to fall by the wayside. Rather than spending precious time in the kitchen, many of us count on drive-thrus and microwavable meals to help us cut down on cooking and clean-up time. For busy people who refuse to forfeit their daily dose of greens in the name of productivity, bagged salad kits have become something of a secret weapon.

Typically containing an assortment of chopped greens and veggies, a generous serving of salad dressing, and toppings — which can include everything from nuts and seeds to cheese, dehydrated fruit, croutons, and grains — bagged salad kits come with everything you need for a restaurant-style salad experience without the need for excessive shopping and chopping. Thanks to a pro-tip from TikToker and professional food taste tester Jordan Myrick, a bagged salad can even be eaten without dirtying a single dish, cutting out clean-up time almost entirely. In a TikTok that has amassed 1.5 million views, Myrick explains that rather than transferring the contents of the bagged salad to a bowl, the entire ensemble can be mixed together and eaten without ever leaving the bag in which it came.

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Turn Your Salad Bag Into A Salad Bowl

Rows of prepackaged salads in gorcery store
Rows of prepackaged salads in gorcery store - Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

While some savvy salad eaters have been enjoying bagged salad sans bowl long before Myrick brought the viral hack to light, the video was full of helpful hints to make eating salad straight from the bag as pleasant as possible. For starters, she recommends giving the greens a smell test upon opening the bag. Since chopped vegetables are exposed to more oxygen than their uncut counterparts, spoilage occurs at a speedier rate.

Next, to ensure that the toppings are evenly distributed throughout the bag, Myrick suggests pouring half of the toppings over the greens and giving it a good shake before adding the rest. Once your salad is perfectly dressed, it's time to turn that bag into a bowl. "The most important part, in my opinion, is cutting the excess [plastic] off the top of the bag." Myrick says, "because if you don't, your arm will get covered in salad dressing every time you put your hand in."

While Myrick points out that her way of eating salad straight from the bag isn't necessarily "easier" than transferring it to a bowl, it's a great way to avoid creating an abundance of dirty dishes. By mixing and eating salad straight from the bag, the only dish you will have to wash is the fork you ate off of. If you opt for plasticware, you can enjoy a healthy lunch without a lick of cleanup.

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