Grisly new details emerge after woman's 'wrapped' body found behind wall

Police have revealed that the body of a woman found tightly wrapped up and hidden in a Brisbane apartment complex had been there for at least seven years.

The grisly find was made on December 7, when cleaners came across skeletal remains, partially buried and “preserved” under clothing and bedding, behind a wall in the basement of the Alderley property.

“We can place the body, with a high degree of confidence here, in the position it was found back in November 2015,” Detective Superintendent Andrew Massingham told reporters on Thursday.

The outside of the Alderley property.
The woman's body was discovered on December 9 in the basement of an Alderley unit complex. Source: Nine News

However he added that the woman, who had suffered trauma to her body, may have died a long time before that and her body was either stored at the same location, or moved to it at a later date.

“The time of death for this person could extend out to 2009, and once again I have a fair degree of confidence in the evidence that we’ve found that gives us that timeline,” he said.

‘Complete mystery’

With the woman’s body hidden under clothing and bedding, police believe the person who put her there tried to cover up the scent of her decomposing remains.

“[They] have taken great care to wrap the body up in a certain way and preserve it,” Supt Massingham said. “They’ve also transported it to an area that’s not readily accessible.”

Police look through items at the property.
Police say the woman's body had signs of trauma and was buried under bedding and clothing to conceal the smell of decomposition. Source: ABC

While forensic testing is still underway, police believe the woman was between 30 and 55 years old when she died, caucasian with dark brown hair, between 155 and 165cm tall and wore size 10 clothing and prescription glasses.

“It’s important that we give this lady a voice and hopefully find out the true circumstances of this tragic death,” Supt Massingham added. “At this stage, this is a complete mystery.”

The cavity the woman's body was found behind.
The gruesome discovery was made behind a wall in the complex's basement. Source: QPS

Police tracking down past residents

As their investigation continues, police are now pleading for community support.

“I appeal to people not only in the Alderley area but in the greater Brisbane area and even further than that,” Supt Massingham said. “If they have any information relating to a female that fits this description, that may have been a colleague, a friend, an associate that simply disappeared, for you to contact Crime Stoppers."

He went on to explain that officers are working their way through contacting all previous tenants and have 50 people left to interview.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or use the Crime Stoppers online reporting page.

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