Police appeal to identify mystery woman

The remains of a woman found hidden in a wall at a Brisbane apartment block are yet to be identified a month on.

Cleaners discovered the skeletal remains tightly wrapped and partially buried in a locked area behind a wall in the building at Alderley on December 7.

Police initially speculated the remains had been hidden there for some time, with residents failing to notice any smell. They now believe the woman has been dead since at least 2015 but may have died as early as 2009.

A forensic pathologist has conducted an extensive examination of the remains to confirm they belonged to a Caucasian woman between 155cm and 165cm tall.

Her age has been narrowed to between 30 and 55 years. She had dark brown hair and wore prescription glasses.

Police remain certain the woman's death is suspicious, with signs of trauma found on the body.

Detective Superintendent Andrew Massingham launched a fresh appeal on Thursday to help identify the mysterious victim.

"It's important that we give this lady a voice, that we identify her," he told reporters.

Supt Massingham said investigations and a review of missing persons reports, both in Queensland and nationally, had failed to yield clues to her identity.

"At this stage, this is a complete mystery," he admitted.

"The important part of this puzzle ... to give the investigation the lifeblood it needs, is the identification of this person.

"We strongly urge people to come forward with any information they think might be relevant."

Police know the unit complex was built in 2006. Detectives have spoken to its current tenants and owners and are also tracking those who have since moved on.

Family or friends who lost contact with a loved one matching the woman's description have been urged to contact police.

"Any little bit of information could hold the key to a breakthrough for investigators," Supt Massingham said.

"We are committed to finding out who this woman is: who she is, why she died and who is responsible. She deserves nothing less and neither does her family."