Great white shark torments cage diver in incredible video

A woman has filmed a terrifying encounter with a gigantic great white shark while cage diving in South Africa.

Hillary Rae Petroski, from New York, uploaded a video to Facebook, captioning it: 'My little fun adventure while shark cage diving in Mossel Bay.’

The vision, taken from both above and below the surface of the water, shows the four-metre shark circling the thrill-seeker as she swims inside a metal enclosure.

The monster suddenly launches itself at the cage and tries to tear it apart with its razor sharp teeth.

Seemingly unperturbed, Hillary’s friends can be heard screaming hysterically from a boat above.

The shark then turns on its side, poking its snout between the bars as it tries to take a bite out of the cage, which audibly strains under the pressure.

After several more attempts, the huge shark finally retreats to the depths of the ocean.

Morning news break - July 2

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