‘Got ‘em’: Man’s ‘perfect response’ to annoying flight habit

A man has come up with the “perfect response” to an annoying habit some people have been confronted with on flights.

The man, who runs TikTok account WalkerBrothers, was filmed on a flight recently.

He found a passenger seated behind them had decided to take their shoes off and put their feet up on his arm rest.

“What to do in this situation,” he captioned the video.

A man sits on a plane as a passenger seated behind him puts their bare feet up on the foot rest.
One of the Walker brothers is faced with a conundrum on his flight. Source: TikTok/ WalkerBrothers

He holds a bottle of water and lightly pours some of it on the bare feet behind him.

It seems to work – slightly startling the passenger and they move their feet away.

"Got 'em," he later wrote.

On TikTok, people called it the “perfect response”.

“Damn. Kudos to you,” one woman wrote.

One man wrote he couldn’t think of a “better solution” to get the point across.

“Right on,” another man wrote.

“I’m so tired of people and their lack of respect for others.”

Others were simply shocked and appalled by the other passenger putting their bare feet up on the flight.

But it’s happened before.

Bare feet on planes: an ongoing saga

A woman was filmed having her feet caressed on a plane tray table in 2019 much to the revulsion of those around her given the trays have food served on them.

Another woman on a flight in Europe also captured a passenger who had their feet on her head rest.

“Who the f*** does this?” one woman wrote.

The touch-screen TVs on flights have also fallen victim to feet, after a passenger was last year seen using their feet to flick through the in-flight entertainment.

While it could be considered skilful, those who saw the video were less than impressed.

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