‘Most disgusting thing I’ve seen’: Man shocked over plane passenger’s actions

A man has shared a video of “the most disgusting thing” he had seen happen on a plane.

Erik Olvera uploaded the footage of what appears to be a woman sitting on a plane using her feet to flick through the in-flight entertainment to Twitter.

“I fly a lot and this, by far, is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen on a plane,” Mr Olvera tweeted, adding he would be bringing antibacterial wipes.

“Where’s ⁦@NaomiCampbell when you need her inflight wipe down advice?”

Video stills of a woman appearing to use her feet to choose a movie on the inflight entertainment screen on a Delta Air Lines plane.
A man shared the video of a woman's shocking act on a Delta Air Lines plane where she used her feet to pick a movie. Source: Twitter/Erik Olvera

Mr Olvera was referring to Naomi Campbell’s airport routine which went viral in 2019 where she wiped down her seat with disinfectant and placing a personal seat cover over the seat before putting on a face mask.

“Clean anything you touch. Anything you could possibly touch,” Ms Campbell says in the video.

“This is what I do on every plane I get on. I do not care what people think of me. It’s my health and it makes me feel better.”

It wasn’t just Mr Olvera who took offence to the woman using her feet to touch the TV screen.

A few people questioned if the person was able to use their arms, too which Mr Olvera confirmed, she could.

“Her arms were just fine,” he tweeted.

“She carried her expensive luggage on/off the plane. Also used them to throw back cocktails and take snacks from the galley when the FA (flight attendant) wasn’t around.

“Everyone knows that those who take off their shoes AND socks on airplanes end up in The Bad Place,” one person tweeted in response to the video.

A few people suggested the act speaks to the individual’s entitlement.

“This kind of passive aggression is indicative of entitlement issues. A confrontation would probably only result in them playing the victim or pretending to have a handicap – anything that allows them to get attention and rage,” a second person said.

Mr Olvera was flying with Delta Air Lines and a woman who claimed to work as a flight attendant for Delta said she would have done something if she witnessed this.

Another person, who was born without arms, challenged Mr Olvera to see it from his perspective.

“What if you were born without arms like I was and you use your feet for hands? Does that change the perspective? I know that’s not me because my pants don’t have holes in the knees but it could be me as I travel a lot,” he said.

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