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Gory photos reveal bizarre accident with car door

Emergency services rushed to the scene to save the woman's finger.

An elderly woman has been rescued after getting her finger trapped in the front door of her car.

Emergency services rushed to the NSW Hunter Valley home at around 4.30pm on Tuesday to find the woman in her 80s stuck and in a lot of pain.

But according to the Cessnock District VRA rescue squad, the situation on Stephen Street in Cessnock was rather bizarre.

“Usually when fingers are closed in car doors, it is near where the handle is,” the team wrote online. “Where in this situation it was completely opposite.”

As revealed in a series of photos, blood from the woman’s injured finger remained on the front of the car door, in the gap between the door and the front side panel.

The car with blood on it in Cessnock.
Photos reveal the gory scene left behind in Cessnock after the woman was freed from the car door. Source: Cessnock District Rescue Squad - VRA Rescue NSW

Quick thinking neighbours commended

Fortunately witnesses were quick to act when it came to assisting the trapped woman.

“We have to commend the neighbours etc who were on the scene before medical personnel, and did not automatically try to open the door as this could have caused even more significant injury to the already badly injured finger,” the Cessnock District Rescue Squad said on Facebook.

Working alongside NSW Ambulance, the crew used the jaws of life to free the woman.

“Our volunteers gently placed their manual hydraulic rabbit tool in the small gap that was there, and slowly spread until the gap was large enough for the finger to be freed,” explained the team.

The woman was then taken to John Hunter Hospital by road ambulance for further treatment to her injured finger.

The car with blood on it in Cessnock.
After being rescued, the woman in her 80s was taken to John Hunter Hospital for further treatment. Source: Cessnock District Rescue Squad - VRA Rescue NSW

Firies called in to free fingers and hands

Last year firefighters were called to rescue a toddler who got his hand trapped in the railing of a train station bench in Melbourne. The three-year-old’s dad said the Country Fire Authority used a crowbar to free his son.

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