Firies free toddler trapped on train station bench

A three-year-old got himself into a sticky situation when he put his hand between the railing of a train station bench in Melbourne.

Elliot Pawley and his dad Heath were waiting to catch a train home from childcare on Monday, when the toddler got into strife on the platform at Upwey.

“We were coming back from the city and Elliot just sat up on the seat, really well behaved, and just said, ‘daddy my fingers are stuck’,” Mr Pawley said.

With an empty platform and no one around to ask for help, he did the only thing he could think of, and called Victoria's volunteer fire and emergency service, the Country Fire Authority (CFA).

“Elliot was a little bit distressed but we heard the siren straight away and we were able to say Fireman Sam is coming to save the day.”

Mr Pawley said all the cavalry arrived with an axe in tow, but thankfully they didn’t need it.

Firies work to free to three-year-old boy (left) and Elliot Pawley with a chocolate (right)
The local firies were called to rescue the three-year-old who celebrated with a chocolate after his rescue. Source: CFA

“We used a crowbar to separate the slates a little bit and they [Elliot's fingers] came straight out,” Upwey Fire Brigade Captain Cliff Pancutt said, “it was all over and done with in a couple of minutes.”

“Unfortunately, [it was] not the first time we have been called for this and hopefully maybe the last, but I doubt it."

"Kids have got a habit of putting fingers where we as parents might not want them to.”

Mr Pawley, who says his son was more upset about missing the train, said his family has been living out of home for the last 12 months after a tree fell on their Upwey home during last year’s storms.

“The thing about being a parent is that when you’ve had a tree literally fall on your kid’s bedroom, caving in the roof and pulling them out from rubble, fingers stuck in the seat is very small fry,” Mr Pawley said.

Upwey Fire Brigade Captain Cliff Pancutt, Mr Pawley and his son Elliot
Upwey Fire Brigade Captain Cliff Pancutt celebrated Elliot's rescue with some gifts. Source: CFA

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