This billion-dollar CEO takes public transport, runs a DJ side hustle

CEO by day, DJ by night: David Solomon. Source: Getty

Goldman Sachs CEO, David Solomon: He may just be the trendiest billion-dollar man there ever was.

The CEO of the US$64 billion (AU$93 billion) company made US$23 million (AU$33 million) in 2018 after he took the reigns from former CEO Lloyd Blankfein in October last year, but that doesn’t stop him from riding the New York City subway to work.

The down-to-earth CEO said catching the subway was a no-brainer – even though his board members shamed him. 

“I mean, why wouldn’t you take the subway?” Solomon told Fortune.

“No, seriously. It’s quicker and more efficient. You know, the mayor of New York can take the subway. Why can’t the CEO of Goldman Sachs?”

And, because being the CEO of a multibillion-dollar company doesn’t keep him busy enough, the 57-year-old runs a side hustle: DJing. 

Goldman Sachs' CEO DJing as D-Sol. Source: CNN

But rather than keep his earnings, Solomon donates the proceeds from his gigs and Spotify plays to drug addiction-related philanthropies – and he’s raised a six-figure sum so far, he told the publication.

Known on the nightclub scene as D-Sol, Solomon is a classic rock DJ in New York, Miami and the Bahamas. 

Initially, Solomon’s advisers told him to ditch the side-hustle, but Solomon stood firm.

“You know what, it’s who I am, and nobody would tell me not to play golf,” the CEO said.

“And why shouldn’t I—because I’m a CEO?”

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