Girl, 8, loses leg following adventure with dad and brother

Ash Cant
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A "strong and brave" girl, 8, has had to have part of her lower leg amputated after an outdoor expedition with her dad and older brother took a devastating turn.

Callaway Lewis, from the US state of New Mexico, was walking on February 21 on the route near her home in New Mexico — as she had done many times before — when she decided to climb a boulder.

However, the large rock began to slide and crushed her against another boulder.

The injury left Callaway's foot immobile and with no feeling.

Callaway Lewis in hospital after part of her leg was removed.
Callaway Lewis, from the US state of New Mexico, was walking on February 21 on the route near her home in New Mexico when she decided to climb a boulder. Source: GoFundMe

Doctors decided that if it was not amputated there would be a chance of ongoing infections, the GoFundMe organiser, Susan Henderson, wrote on the fundraising website on February 27.

"They may need to make another cut higher later," Ms Henderson said.

"She lost so much skin that the issue will be if they can effectively close the wound that low. Later this week they will be doing skin grafts from the inner thigh to assure a good closure."

In an update on Thursday (local time), the eight-year-old was said to be in good spirits, with her parents "hearing a few encouraging giggles" coming from her room.

"She's never met a hill she won't run or a rock she won't try to climb," the GoFundMe says.

"Hopefully the most difficult part is complete and the healing and rehabilitation are beginning," Ms Henderson said.

Thousands raised to help little girl and her family

Callaway's dad Anthony is a small business owner, so he and Laura, Callaway's mum, have basic health insurance.

The couple have been unable to work while staying with their daughter in the hospital.

"In addition to the exhaustion from no sleep, the decision that is looming regarding Callaway's leg, and heartache over seeing their child in such pain, there is the worry about what the multiple surgeries, days and possibly weeks in ICU, and weeks ahead in the hospital are going to do to the family's finances," the GoFundMe said.

Brave Callaway Lewis in hospital.
Brave Callaway Lewis is now recovering from her surgeries. Source: GoFundMe

On top of all the medical fees, the family will have to renovate their home to accomodate Callaway's needs, a process which will likely be expensive and time consuming.

"We know Callaway will have the courage to face the pain and the hard work of rehabilitation, and will have the grace needed to face the difficult days," the GoFundMe says.

"But her courage can't touch the gap with the health care costs. That's something beyond the reach of a little girl."

Almost A$256,000 has been raised for the Lewis family so far and Callaway has since left the Paediatric intensive care unit.

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