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Full House's Cameron Candace Bure reveals she is 'gaining a daughter' very soon

Candace Cameron Bure is helping her son plan his wedding credit:Bang Showbiz
Candace Cameron Bure is helping her son plan his wedding credit:Bang Showbiz

Candace Cameron Bure is "very excited" that her son is getting married.

The 47-year-old actress - who has daughter Natasha, 25, and sons Lev, 23, and Maksim 21, with husband Valeri Bure - revealed that her eldest son is set to the knot with his girlfriend just after the holiday season and that in years to come she and her husband will probably be "vying" to spend time with their kids every Christmas.

She told UsWeekly: "We are gaining a daughter very soon. My son is getting married just after Christmas, and so we're very excited. She is definitely, definitely invited into the family, but we'll see how the holidays work out in that way. Now it's, like, two families. We'll probably be vying for the kids every year."

The former 'Full House' star went on to add that she is "finding [her] place" when it comes to organising the big day and while she does want to "help" in any way she can, she has had to "settle" into of a place of just being around when his son and his fiancee whenever they need her to be.

She said: "I'm definitely finding my place in the wedding and just being supportive and I love that. Of course, I want to help and do everything, but I'm learning to settle into my position of just being available and supportive"

The 'Dancing with the Stars' contestant added that the "best advice" she can give to her children when it comes to married life is that she and her husband will always be there for them if they need help and advice.

She said: "The best advice for them is that they know that we're here for them for any questions, any needs that they want. We're always here and ready to be available and answer