Fresh victim speaks out as 'milking' prankster makes bizarre complaint: 'It was horrible'

The prankster appears to regret going so viral after sharing videos of himself pouring milk over unsuspecting Melburnians.

The teen prankster behind the "milking" stunt in Melbourne over the weekend has hit back at critics for going "too far" in pursuit of him as more victims of his bizarre antics come forward.

After seeing the story shared by Yahoo News Australia on Monday about the group of women who had their day "ruined" after being doused in milk, another Melburnian said she too was targeted while cruising the Yarra River with her friends on the weekend.

"The same thing actually happened to us too with the same boy," the woman, who asked to stay anonymous, told Yahoo. "It was horrible! We were on the boat for a friend's birthday. He even had family who had flown from France to see Melbourne. And then this kid threw milk on us and ruined all the food and drinks we brought as well as all our clothes."

Left: Orange boat on Yarra River Melbourne full of people Right: Young teen walking holding bottle of milk (right)
Another group of Aussies fell victim to the teen's milk stunt in Melbourne. Source: Supplied to Yahoo

The woman said they were "shocked" by what had happened and they stopped the boat before some of the group got out. "The boys went running after them but he ran away and hid," the Melbourne woman claimed.

A video shared with Yahoo shows a teenage boy walking near the Southgate bridge — where he stood and poured the milk — holding a bottle of the creamy liquid. It was filmed by a bystander before she sent it to the Melbourne woman after witnessing what he had done.

At least three 'milking' incidents

The culprit, who goes by 'giddynokiddy' on social media had shared videos of the stunt on his accounts, seemingly bragging that he'd successfully "milked" his unsuspecting victims. According to reports, there were at least three separate incidents over the Australia Day long weekend, eggs were also allegedly thrown.

In one deleted video seen by Yahoo, an orange boat full of people passing under the same bridge can be seen, while another showed the teen launching a bottle of milk from a building, narrowly missing a person below.

Left: Man throwing milk on girls on boat in Melbourne. Right: One of the women looks up at where the milk may have come from.
The video showing a group of women on a boat who had milk thrown on them by a young man standing on the bridge in Melbourne went viral. Source: TikTok

Teen's social media wiped of evidence

The stunt went viral after being shared by Veronica Burgess — one of the four girls on the GoBoat who had their floating party ruined on the weekend. But after copping immense backlash, it appears the yet-to-be-identified teen has deleted all evidence of his antics across his accounts. Despite pulling the offending videos, the teen posted a strange clip showing his legs and seemingly mocking the media.

Milk culprit says critics have gone 'too far'

A screen grab from his now-deleted TikTok video was also shared on social media by a local offering "updates" on the milking saga that has seemingly riled up many in the city.

"Please stop contacting my school, my school has caught me and I am facing expulsion. Can’t believe you would do this to (a) minor," the teen allegedly wrote. In the comments, he also tagged Veronica Burgess, whose video of the incident went viral in recent days, amassing more than 15 million views.

"Why’d you do this to me. You ruin my life over a ruined day, you upped the anti, I’m just a kid and you ruined my life. Too far," he wrote.

When contacted by Yahoo on Monday, Victoria Police confirmed they had not received any reports of the incidents. On Tuesday, it was reported they'd received at least one official report, however this could not be confirmed.

"Hope the police do something about it because if not he’ll keep doing it," the anonymous victim told Yahoo. Others online have also called for the teen to be punished, labelling his antics "appalling".

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