Aussie girls have boat party ruined by disgusting 'milking' stunt

A group of women enjoying a boat ride in Melbourne had their outing 'ruined' when they were suddenly left covered in milk.

A group of women celebrating a birthday had their "day ruined" by a prankster who poured a whole bottle of milk over them "just for fun".

The Melburnians had hired a small boat via GoBoat and were enjoying a grazing platter on board the vessel while cruising along the Yarra River in Southbank on the weekend when suddenly a white liquid falling from above drenched them and their belongings.

Left: Man throwing milk on girls on boat in Melbourne. Right: One of the women looks up at where the milk may have come from.
A group of women on a boat had milk thrown on them by a young man standing on the bridge in Melbourne. Source: TikTok

A video shared by one of the women named Veronica shows the aftermath of the stunt that's been slammed as "appalling" and "disgusting" on social media. It shows two girls holding milk-covered items — including a handbag and a speaker — and looking around in confusion, wondering how they suddenly ended up covered in milk.

"Would love to find the kid that ruined our day," said the caption on the video that's now racked up almost eight million views. But in a shocking turn of events, the culprit was named and shamed in the comments after appearing to boast about the "milking" incident by sharing various videos on his own accounts.

Filmed from the boardwalk by a bystander, one video shows the young man wearing a white top leaning over the railing on the bridge as the four women in the boat prepare to float beneath it. Suddenly, he empties the contents of a milk bottle before taking off leaving those who witnessed it in shock.

Social media divided over milk stunt

The viral stunt has ruffled a few feathers online with the calls for the culprit to be punished. But some insisted it was just "innocent fun" and didn't see an issue.

"Why would you do this?? So shameful, I hope the police get involved," said one on the culprit's Instagram page after he bragged about the women successfully getting "milked".

"Such a low life. You deserve nothing in life," said another. "Actually shameful behaviour grow up buddy," wrote a third". Some however argued "this is quite funny tho".

When contacted by Yahoo, Victoria Police were unable to provide comment.

Boat company responds to 'milking' incident

Responding to Veronica's video, many said they were "sorry" that it had happened to them and suggested reporting the incident. But the woman revealed that GoBoat were "so great and helpful" after learning what had happened and offered them a credit to enjoy another outing.

GoBoat staff also helped the women "clean up so we could go home", she revealed. The deliberate milking didn't ruin their day though because after a quick stop home to shower they were eventually able to continue their day.

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