Coles shopper reveals how she got $75 'for free'

A Coles shopper has revealed how they ended up with an extra $75 in their pocket by taking advantage of a recent promotion held by the supermarket giant.

Sharing her money-saving method on Facebook, the woman showed her purchase of four Coles Mastercard gift cards bought during a 10 per cent off sale.

All four Mastercards were valued at $250, though each card also had a $7 activation fee, bringing the woman’s total to $1028.

After the 10 per cent discount was applied - to both the card amount and the $7 activation fee - the total was brought down to $925.20.

A shopper's recept shows the purchase of four Coles Mastercard gift cards.
The shopper essentially ended up with an extra $75 in her pocket after her bulk buy of Mastercard gift cards during a Coles promotion. Source: Facebook

“Good work! $1000 cash essentially for $925,” a woman wrote.

“$75 free that’s worth it!” one woman said, while another added, “wow free money”.

Some pointed out the $7 fee made the discount lower than 10 per cent, but others thought it was still a worthwhile saving.

“Better than 0% bank interest,” one person said.

The Coles promotion ran from February 10 to February 16, and allowed a maximum purchase limit of five cards per customer.

A customer transfers items from a shopping cart to a checkout counter at a Coles supermarket.
The promotion ran from February 10 to 16, and offered customers 10 per cent off the price of Mastercard gift cards. Source: Getty/File

The Mastercard gift cards can be spend at any retailer that accepts EFTPOS, however gambling transactions are prohibited.

Though many missed out on the promotion or found their local stores had sold out, they vowed to keep a close eye on similar sales in the future.

“This is such a great idea I'm going to watch out for card discounts now!” one commenter wrote.

The shopper said she plans to use her Mastercards to pay off her car insurance.

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