Little-known Coles checkout perk sparks heated debate

A debate has erupted over a lesser-known bonus for Coles customers who pack their own bags after their groceries are scanned at the checkout.

News of the supermarket’s secret incentive surfaced in 2019 and works if shoppers ask their cashier to add a code to their order after packing their own bags.

A seemingly disgruntled customer on Monday raised what they believed to be a standout issue with the offer, accusing the supermarket of using Covid-19 rules as a cop out.

Front of a Coles store.
Shoppers have engaged in a fiery debate over a bonus offered for packing their own bags. Source: Getty Images

They argued the 50 FlyBuys bonus points were inadequate compensation for customers doing work that staff were paid by Coles to do.

“So Coles is offering 50 FlyBuys points for customers to pack their own bags. So you are offering customers five cents to do what your staff are already paid to do (and we are already paying for),” they wrote in a post to Facebook.

They then came to the false conclusion that Coles had begun encouraging shoppers to pack their own bags because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“I understand that you will claim this is due to Covid-19, but five cents? Really?,” they added.

Other shoppers were quick to correct the woman by pointing out that 50 FlyBuys points were actually equivalent to 25 cents.

One questioned how the woman came to the understanding she was directly paying for staff to pack her groceries.

“It is costed within the price of items being purchased, along with all other trading costs,” she replied.

Woman shown unpacking her groceries inside Coles.
Customers can earn 50 bonus points just by packing their own groceries into bags. Source: Getty Images

Her response saw her labelled an entitled shopper with a clear aversion to “adapting or shopping elsewhere”.

Someone else noted that shoppers weren’t being asked to pack their own bags, just presented with an option to do so if they wanted to.

“This sounds like an optional thing, yes? So if you don’t want the extra points then don’t pack your own bags right?,” they wrote in a comment.

“I prefer to pack my own bags, so I’d rather 25 cents for doing it as opposed to nothing,” they added.

The offer began before the coronavirus outbreak in Australia, ruling out Coles introducing it to limit staff touching the groceries of shoppers.

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