Ford teams up with Red Bull F1 team for EV racing

Ford CEO Jim Farley talks with Yahoo Finance auto reporter Pras Subramanian about the automaker's upcoming foray into F1 EV racing.

Video transcript

- And Pras, so they're getting back-- Ford is getting back into Formula One. The need for speed. The need for prestige. Kind of costly there, partnering up with Red Bull Racing, Oracle Red Bull Racing there. Just tell us the details.

PRAS SUBRAMANIAN: Yeah. So that event was this morning for Red Bull in New York to debut the new car. Usually, this is something that happens in Europe, but the US market is so hot right now with Formula One. So they were there with that new car today. We saw it, but then also a surprise.

Jim Farley rode out in a Mach-E in Red Bull colors saying that, hey, we're going to join Red Bull in 2026 as their engine partner, their powertrain partner. That's some new rules for hybrid rules taking effect with Formula One. So they're really excited about that. Jim Farley was there. I spoke to him about that and why this is sort of a two-way street between them and Red Bull.

JIM FARLEY: This is a technology transfer that's very specific. We will help them with their software for the battery control and the battery chemistry, the battery tech has we're investing a lot in EVs. We're going to have two million EVs on the road in '26, so we know a lot about EV batteries. On the other hand, we can learn a lot from them about telemetry, but especially about aero. Aero is becoming the most important thing in vehicle design now, and the best aerodynamics in the world are at Red Bull. So it's a great exchange of technology.

PRAS SUBRAMANIAN: So aero, he means aerodynamics. A big part of EVs to make them more slippery, less sort of resistance. So he said that the aero on the Lightning, if you improve that, could add 75 more miles of range on a charge. So it's kind of a big deal there.

- Yeah. Certainly would be a huge deal. He's looking forward. He doesn't want to talk, I don't think, any more about the earnings that we've just gotten, that is for sure.


Pras Subramanian, thanks so much.