Footage of 'atrocious' boat act leaves Aussies raging: 'Didn't even check on him'

A bystander filming the incident couldn't believe the women drove off down the Yarra River after colliding with the rower.

The shocking moment a group of women unapologetically collided with a man rowing on the Yarra River causing him to capsize has been caught on camera. But it's what happened afterwards which appalled Aussies.

As Melburnians were making the most of some sunshine this week the women, appearing to be in a motorised hire boat, seemed to be unable or unwilling to steer away from the man rowing backwards towards them.

Moments before the 'atrocious' boat act with the rower stopping to try avoid a collision with the hire boat on the Yarra River in Melbourne.
The 'atrocious' boat act was caught on camera by a bystander at the Yarra River. Source: Instagram/Paul Dowsley.

In footage captured by bystander Paul Dowsley, the two boats can be seen on a collision course. The man stops rowing when he notices the oncoming boat. The women turn to the right but move too slowly to get out of his way. He collects the edge of the boat's stern and scrambles to remain upright before ultimately falling in.

The three women looked back at the man clinging to his upturned scull but continue to proceed along the river, offering no assistance to the drenched rower. In the video, he is later seen swimming his craft towards a pontoon on the shore where a man waits ready to help.

Aussies call out women for 'disgraceful' lack of decency

Not only did viewers of the video point out that the women were at fault for the collision, their total disregard for the man's wellbeing was what riled people up the most.

"The fact that they took off without helping is atrocious," one wrote, with another seconding this sentiment saying it was "disgraceful" the women "didn't even check on the poor guy".

The various stages of the rower trying to stay upright after the collision, with the last image on the right showing him clinging to his boat.
The rower attempted to stay upright but ultimately capsized into the water after the collision. Source: Instagram

While most empathised with the capsized rower, one woman did more so than others, saying she "glowed in the dark" for days after she fell into the Yarra River one time.

"My advice to the rower is five hot showers and plenty of soap," she joked.

In Victoria sailing and rowing boats are given right of way over power-driven vessels, with the women in this instance at fault according to the state's marine legislation.

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