Truth behind man's dangerous act on Aussie bridge: 'Freak out'

The picture looks remarkably normal until spotting the small figure atop the bridge in central Melbourne.

It takes a particularly unusual image to halt a mindless social media scroll, yet one photo did just that for many on Tuesday evening.

It's a familiar scene — the banks of Melbourne's Yarra River are busy, with the faintest glimpse of a blue sky framing the bridge commuters walk over.

Although you could technically say everyone in the picture is walking over the bridge, it appears one city commuter chose a slightly more dangerous, slightly more "scenic route" home.

The small figure of the man can be spotted atop the Evan Walker Bridge, with people walking across the bridge on the intended footpath below.
The commuter walked along the arc on the aptly named Evan Walker bridge in central Melbourne. Source: Reddit/jervistetch

As unfazed Melburnians walk across Evan Walker Bridge, one gentleman appears to have climbed on top of the arch to walk across the top.

While some questioned the authenticity of the image, a city worker who witnessed the commuter's brazen act confirmed the incident to Yahoo News Australia.

They said that despite appearing confident at first, the climbing enthusiast lost his nerve when he had to descend the steep slope at the other end of the bridge.

"He seemed to freak out and decided to slide down on his bum," he said, revealing the man was thankfully uninjured despite his tall climb.

The man can be seen sitting on the bridge's arch as he slide down the bridge, with commuters walking below.
The commuter 'freaked out' when he got to the other side of the bridge, deciding sit and slowly slide down the arch. Source: Supplied

Snapping a picture, the city worker posted it to Reddit, with the image easily mistaken as an optical illusion or one that had been photoshopped.

Social media responds: 'Epic'

Despite the decision to climb atop the bridge and walk along its arch being incredibly dangerous, Reddit users were impressed, with some confessing they too have done it.

"I did it one night about 20 years ago. It was great until I had to come down the other side," one said, with another sharing they had also done it several times in their "younger years".

"I’ve seen a few do it, doesn’t make it a good idea but it happens," another wrote.

Yahoo News Australia has reached out to Victoria Police for comment.

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