Flood-weary Sydney residents have 'had enough'

Flood-weary Sydney residents have 'had enough'. Source: Reuters.

Video transcript

- It was only that big when I walked out. And then I come back the next day, it was bloody up there.

- What is it-- what does it mean? You've had enough, right?

- Of course I've had enough. You'd have to be an idiot, wouldn't you? It's all over. I'm going to move.

- Absolutely devastated. It's really hard. So we don't know. We're just doing one day at a time getting through it. We've got a lot of family that have come and helping, so that's really good. We've got grandkids that are helping. So we'll just get through it.

We moved into this property about 2 and 1/2 years ago. Yeah. And we loved it up until the floods. And we got four floods in a few months. It's hard. Don't. I'll end up crying.

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