'Flight from hell' finally arrives on Gold Coast after two delays

Natasha Christian

Furious passengers of a stranded Air Asia flight have finally landed on the Gold Coast after they were trapped for 40 hours in an airport security zone.

Flight D7206 from Kuala Lumpur to Coolangatta departed at 9.40pm Monday but was forced to divert to Bali after a passenger became seriously ill.

A second departure for Australia was also turned around after two hours when another passenger told staff he needed urgent medical help.

More than 300 Australian tourists endured the frustrating trip.

The problem escalated when passengers took matters in to their own hands and booked other flights home.

Many missed connecting flights and lost accommodation.

Passengers took to social media to voice their anger about the incident.

Rose Marie Christian said on Twitter: “What an appalling service . Flight d7206 . Stuck in Bali for nearly 24 hours with no food or water”.

“Three people are missing for the flight and no we can't leave Bali! Are you really holding us like prisoners! SORT IT OUT!”

Ashley Cripps, was vocal on Twitter criticising the airline because the plane had to stay in Bali after the second grounding.

She said passengers had to pay $57 for a visa.

Another passenger said 'it was like being held hostage' and she felt she was 'treated like a refugee'.

Many claimed Air Asia staff did little to assist them, despite claims by the airline that they did supply meals and hotels.