The real story behind firefighting volunteer's brutal takedown of ScoMo

A Rural Fire Service volunteer has become a viral sensation after she shut down Prime Minister Scott Morrison with one sentence.

As the Prime Minister toured a Mudgee evacuation centre on Monday, cameras captured the moment he was introduced to Jacqui, a volunteer with the NSW RFS.

“Jacqui, this is the prime minister,” federal MP Andrew Gee said as he introduced the pair.

“He’s not my prime minister,” Jacqui quickly responded.

The conversation between NSW RFS volunteer Jacqui and Prime Minister Scott Morrison went viral. Source: Twitter/@ScottMorrisonMP

The clip of the exchange quickly gained traction on social media, but it turns out that Jacqui wasn’t taking a shot at Mr Morrison, she was just being honest.

As the conversation continued off camera Jacqui went on to explain that ScoMo wasn’t her Prime Minister because she is British.

Mr Morrison explained the full story on his official twitter account, with reporting the 10-minute conversation ended with a hug.

“Indeed, as Jacqui joked with me yesterday, I’m not her PM, because she’s British, Boris Johnson is,” the Prime Minister tweeted on Tuesday.

Mr Morrison said he and Mr Gee even tried to convince Jacqui to become an Australian citizen.

“We made a decent pitch for her to become an Aussie yesterday,” he said before praising the volunteers.

“She and the other RFS volunteers have been doing an incredible job battling these blazes.”

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