'Final destination' accident with log truck shocks internet

A driver narrowly avoided being killed after a huge log shot off the back of a truck and impaled their windscreen in a mortifying incident scarily similar to an iconic scene in horror film Final Destination 2.

Footage reportedly filmed on the weekend at an undisclosed location in the United States showed a stationary car behind a log truck with one of the giant pieces of wood lodged firmly into its windscreen.

The short clip was uploaded to TikTok by Aaron Cox's account Alow420, where it has amassed more than three million views in just four days.

Log smashed into car windscreen.
These scene brought back memories from the 2003 film Final Destination 2. Source: TikTok/alow420

The video showed smashed glass surrounding the driver's seat and the log poking into the car by about half a metre.

In a re-share of the the video on Twitter, it was described as "every millennial's nightmare".

Thousands responded to the tweet, expressing their horror over how distinctly similar it was to the 2003 movie's scene.

"Final destination taught us to avoid this at all costs," one of the thousands to respond to the tweet said.

"This why you switch lanes IMMEDIATELY upon seeing this 50 feet away from you," another wrote.

Someone else detailed how the movie had ruined her enjoyment of a multitude of things.

"As a millennial I have been taught never to drive anywhere near this. Final Destination also ruined laser eye surgery, garbage disposals, pigeons, dentists, goldfish and tanning salons," they wrote.

In the movie, a log falls from the back of a truck and sets off a chain of increasingly unlikely but overly spectacular deaths.

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