Fantasy And Sci-Fi Books For Trans Kids And Teens

Al Donato
Remember those books you read as a kid that were so good you read them under the covers? Yeah, the books on this list are THAT good.

I was one of those Harry Potter kids: the kind that lined up for midnight releases of the best-selling books, that devoured instalments within hours of getting my grubby hands on them, and who could recite their Hogwarts house traits verbatim. And yes, I still read Harry Potter fanfiction. You’re allowed to judge me. 

Speculative fiction ― a category that spans fantasy, sci-fi, and horror ― like the Harry Potter franchise, presents a unique allure for young readers. Young Adult (YA) speculative lit can whisk kids and teens away into worlds where having magical powers is a glimmering possibility.

So it disappointed many LGBTQ+ fans like me when author J.K. Rowling made another infamously bad statement, this one staunchly defending transphobia.

There’s a lot to unpack about separating authors from their works, but there’s thankfully a bounty of remarkable work by trans authors who deserve to be read, as well as stories with nuanced representation of gender-marginalized characters.

If a trans-affirming adventure is something a young reader in your life can get behind, here are our book recommendations for magical reads trans and gender-non-conforming kids can get lost in (and they’re great picks for kids across the gender spectrum). Many are by trans authors themselves.

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