Family's heartache after tenants trash Melbourne rental home: 'Horrendous'

The rental property was 'destroyed' by the tenants before the family demanded they leave.

A Melbourne family are devastated after tenants living in their rental property "absolutely destroyed the house", leaving them with a huge clean up on their hands.

Sofia Alvarenga videoed and recently uploaded a tour of the home to social media, highlighting the extent of the mess with personal belongings strewn across every room and the outdoor area, with multiple walls and windows also damaged.

The tenants trashed the property, with the garage and outdoor area covered in rubbish and personal belongings.
The tenants trashed the Melbourne property, with rubbish everywhere inside and outside the home. Source: TikTok/cksofi

"So my parents got this investment property that they put it up for rent and the tenants have been kicked out for...obvious reasons," she said. "They've left holes in the walls, they have left everything an absolute mess, they've got sh*t everywhere...there's a smell that's not going away."

"My parents had to come in and put a pallet here [sliding door] because they broke the window," she continued. "I don't really have any words, this place is absolutely disgusting...I'm so upset."

Sofia said her parents have reached out to the real estate agency who they claim conducted "no real background check" on the tenants before they moved in. They say they have received no help, and claim no one from the agency visited the property after being notified of the incident.

Unsympathetic response online: 'My small violin strums'

Despite the property being left in an unarguably inappropriate state, Sofia's video was met with staunch tough love, with many choosing to remind her of the privilege it is to own an investment property.

"Remove the emotion, get to work, patch the holes, list for rent! 2 weeks time it'll be a good story at the family bbq, stress less," one man wrote, while another highlighted the importance of insurance. "My small violin strums for your rich parents," they added.

Left, a bedroom can be seen incredibly messy. Right, two holes can be seen in the wall.
The 'disgusting' home was full of the tenant's possessions and there were multiple holes in the walls. Source: TikTok/cksofi
Left, the backyard is full of rubbish and discarded items. Right, the sliding door can be seen patched up with a wooden palette and cover.
The family placed a pallet and cover over a sliding glass door after it had been damaged. Source: TikTok/cksofi

However, others took a more sympathetic approach to the family's "horrific" circumstances and encouraged them to reach out to the real estate agency again or report the incident to authorities.

"It just sucks that things you work so hard for get absolutely f***ing destroyed by somebody," Sofia said.

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