Family's grim new claims after couple 'feed baby sunlight'

Oxana Mironova's family say she was forbidden from feeding her son Kosmos.

A woman detained by police for allegedly “feeding her baby sunlight” before the boy died of “prolonged starvation” was a “slave” to her lifestyle trainer boyfriend, her family claims.

Oxana Mironova, 33, from Russia, was forbidden from giving food to her son Kosmos, who was around one month old, relatives allege. Her partner Maxim Lyutyi, 43, wanted to raise the newborn on prana-eating — a diet in which people go without food and water for a long time and “feed on the sun”, they say.

It was reported last week that the couple had been arrested following their son’s death and Mironova, who is accused of negligence, had been placed under house arrest for two months by a judge. New video footage shows Lyutyi in court. He will reportedly be detained for two months under suspicion of child torture.

Oxana Mironova, 33, and her partner Maxim Lyutyi, 43, who were arrested after their baby died.
Oxana Mironova, 33, and her partner Maxim Lyutyi, 43, were arrested after their baby son reportedly died of 'prolonged starvation'. Source: East2West

“He wanted to experiment on the child, feed him purely with the sun, and then advertise it to others that this is how you can eat,” Mironova’s mother Galina alleged. She also accused the 43-year-old of running a “sect”.

“I was against my daughter being in this sect. I felt everything, and told her that Maxim was crazy, but she didn't listen to me,” Galina said. “Oxana lived there like a guinea pig. Each time she became colder to me…she was his slave.”

Lyutyi allegedly “forbade” Mironova from breastfeeding the child, though she did so when he was away, Galina said. “Oxana told me that she secretly fed the baby, but she didn't have enough money, because he didn't give her any. I sent Oxana money for food from my pension. She secretly bought baby food.”

Oxana Mironova, 33, being interviewed by police. Source: East2West
Oxana Mironova's family have claimed the new mum was forbidden from feeding the baby food. Source: East2West

Dad reportedly accuses partner of neglect

Lyutyi has accused Mironova of neglect, according to reports. The 43-year-old is known as “a propagandist of raw food” and a lifestyle trainer, Mash media said. Lyutyi and his partner founded a club called ‘The Living Man’ intended to help Russians “improve their health and sort out personal problems”.

He is described as a “master of working with the body and consciousness” and offered “healing” to his clients.

Lifestyle trainer Maxim Lyutyi, 43, detained behind bars in court.
New video footage shows Lyutyi in court. He will reportedly be detained for two months under suspicion of child torture. Source: East2West/Australscope

Mironova’s family claim the baby boy was born at home, and was not seen by doctors. “They eventually decided to take the emaciated child to doctors but it was too late and the baby died on the way,” her cousin Olesya Nikolayeva said.

The Russian Investigative Committee is examining the circumstances of the child’s tragic death near Black Sea resort city Sochi. The couple's apartment has been searched, according to reports.


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