Family 'gutted' over brutal note from new neighbour

A brutal note sparked by an unfortunate oversight has made for a family's sour introduction to a new neighbourhood.

In the midst of moving into a new home in Avondale, in New Zealand's Central Auckland area, the family's newly installed alarm system incorrectly sounded one night and apparently kept their new neighbours awake.

The family were that night staying in their former home in Waterview, about two kilometres away, and having not met anyone in Avondale yet, could not be contacted nor informed of the painful noise.

According to a post submitted anonymously to a community Facebook page administrator, the next time the family visited their new home, they were greeted by a nasty letter from a peeved new neighbour, as well as a noise control and police entry notice.

The family was embarrassed to have made such an unfortunate entrance to their new neighbourhood. Source: Facebook

"Hey f****** a**hole, your house alarm went off from 5pm and didn't stop all night long. Our school-aged children could not sleep because your irresponsible profit-seeking a** needs a few more dollars flipping a f****** s***hole house in an already overpriced housing market. F*** you, you vulture. Sincerely, your 'neighbours'," the printed letter read.

The recipients of the hostile note defended themselves in the anonymous post, explaining how they were hardly "profit-seekers" and in reality, had got themselves into 30 years of debt for somewhere nice to raise children.

"I had a new house alarm fitted to the new house yesterday and unfortunately unbeknownst to us, one of the sensors was faulty and the alarm went off," the post, shared on March 30, read.

"We were back in Waterview after dropping things off at the new house and as we are new to the area, no one knew us or how to contact us. Apparently the alarm went on for hours and noise control was called and finally the police turned up with a locksmith to get into the house to disconnect the alarm."

The author of the response said they had no issue with the measures taken by authorities, but were left "greatly embarrassed" to have "caused our neighbours unrest before we’ve even moved in".

The family were in the midst of moving into their new home (not pictured) in Avondale. Source: Google Maps
The family were in the midst of moving into their new home (not pictured) in Avondale. Source: Google Maps

"I’m so gutted about the note as we’re a family with young children so I’m dismayed at causing someone else’s children unrest. But also that we’ve had this welcome to the neighbourhood," they wrote.

The family representative had since gone to each of his neighbours' homes and apologised in person, and said they had all been "lovely" despite enduring the sleepless night.

While happy to take ownership for causing the inconvenience, the author said the nasty note was far from justified.

"Whoever wrote us this note caused a lot of hurt and we are not investors who’ve flipped anything but are a family who’ve signed on for a huge 30-year mortgage in this overpriced market in hope of owning somewhere to bring our kids up in," they wrote.

Family 'wholly apologetic'

"It was an awful situation that our alarm went off and I’m wholly apologetic, but I don’t think it warrants this note at all."

Close to 200 people weighed in on the matter in comments on the post, empathising with the recipients of the letter and agreeing they did not deserve such a horrible welcome to the neighbourhood.

"Hopefully the spineless typer will leave a crate of beer, a bunch of flowers and some cuddly toys on your doorstep with an apology note," an optimistic person responded.

"That's total rubbish!!! We are not all like that," someone else wrote.

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