Woman finds 'zombie apocalypse' bomb shelter under bedroom floor

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A woman has made an unexpected discovery inside a manhole in the master bedroom of a home.

Posting a video on TikTok, Jennifer Little revealed she discovered a bunker underneath the floor after opening up the small hatch in the Californian home.

Ms Little said it was a bomb shelter and in a tour of the secret room she revealed there were two flat bunk beds, a urinal and a dry storage room.

In a separate video, Ms Little showed the manhole was hidden under carpet that had a piece of furniture sitting on top.

A person opens the manhole (left) while another photo shows the manhole closed underneath a piece of furniture (right).
A woman claims she found a bomb shelter in a house built in 1951. Source: TikTok/@kitty_girl_california

"They had hidden insulation you couldn't see in the walls," she added.

In one of the videos Ms Little said the house had been built in 1951 during the Cold War amid fears of nuclear attacks.

"This was pretty normal for back then," Ms Little said in one of the videos.

“People were so afraid of a nuclear bomb happening on the California coast, especially central California because it’s so exposed.”

People amazed by woman's unlikely find

Hundreds of people commented on the TikTok videos urging Ms Little to clean up the shelter, while others were amazed by what was hidden beneath the floor.

"That is such a cool find ... not every day this happens," one commented.

"This is so interesting ... amazing," another said.

"Bomb shelters like this are really cool, I understand why they did it and everything but still cool either way," somebody else added.

Others however thought the discovery was more creepy.

"Conjuring vibes," one commented referring to the horror movie.

"Think of the ghosts," another said.

"The place is scary," a third added.

"A bet your house is haunted," somebody else commented.

Some people suggested the bomb shelter could be converted into a man cave while a mum joked she could use it as a room to let out her rage.

"If there's a zombie apocalypse at least ya'll be safe," a comment on one of the TikTok videos read.

Ms Little's discovery comes as a number of people reveal hidden rooms they have uncovered in homes.

Last month a woman found a basement under the floor of her home a year after moving in.

She explained in a TikTok video she never had a house inspection so did not realise what was hiding under the carpet until recently.

In November, a family found a room hidden behind a closet three years after moving in.

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