TikTok user's 'panic attack' after stranger knocks on her window

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A woman ready to show off her latest shopping haul on TikTok from her car was interrupted by a man knocking on her car window with a very creepy question.

Aleks, or insanesluug, was filming a video for TikTok after she just shopped at CVS Pharmacy in the US. She's seen rummaging through a bag when there's a knock on her window.

Aleks stops rummaging through her shopping bags and rolls the window down. The video angle does not show who is there, but a man's voice is heard in the footage.

"Excuse me young lady," the man is heard saying.

"I don’t want to bother you but I just want to know how your feet smell."

TikTok user @insanesluug was asked a very unsettling question by a stranger. Source: TikTok/
TikTok user @insanesluug was asked a very unsettling question by a stranger. Source: TikTok/ insanesluug

Aleks looks visibly uncomfortable by the question and she turns away and winds up her window.

"WTFFFF IM HAVING A PANIC ATTACK," she wrote in the TikTok caption.

The video was shared earlier in March and has already racked up over four million "likes".

While many TikTok users were disgusted by the stranger's behaviour, many questioned why she rolled down her window.

A few days later, Aleks filmed a follow up video, where she explained why.

"I couldn't find the bag in my car like you've seen me shuffling around for the bag," she explains.

"My original thought was, 'oh sh*t. He works there, I must have left it in the store, he's coming out to give it to me'.

"He didn't work there, he asked me what my feet smell like. I rolled up the window and the dude turned around started running away."

Aleks explains she then started up her car and left.

She concluded by saying she was "glad" people got a laugh out of the situation, though she described it as "terrifying".

Someone pointed out in the comments the man may have asked the question as part of a dare, though that person did acknowledged the man "harassed" Aleks, regardless of the context.

"I'm so sorry you had to go through that," another person commented. "I don't know what goes through these guys' minds when they think that's OK to do."

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