Family baffled after girl disappears following parents' death

Jayme Closs, 13, has been missing from her Wisconsin home in the US since October 15 after her parents Jim and Denise were found shot dead.

Now, Mr Closs’s brother and sister, Jeff Closs and Kelly Engelhardt, have told KARE 11 of their shock over news of their niece’s disappearance along with the couple’s death.

Ms Engelhardt said she believes the couple could have had a run-in with someone.

She claims Mr Closs also wasn’t out in the community much.

However, Jeff believes if his brother was in trouble he would have confided in him.

Ms Engelhardt has another theory as to why the couple were killed and their niece missing.

“That’s what our gut feeling is, they wanted Jayme,” she said.

Kelly Engelhardt and Jeff Closs, the brother and sister of Jim Closs, have spoken after their niece Jayme went missing and their brother along with his wife were found dead. Source: KARE 11

She added “it’s so disturbing” for the family.

Jeff questioned why the couple needed to die if his niece had been kidnapped.

“It seems to me that they went to quite the extreme,” he said.

“Did they have to kill two people?”

Jayme was ruled out as a suspect early on in the investigation.

Baron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald said police arrived at the Closs’s home with four minutes of a 911 call early on October 15 where they found the couple and no sign of the teen.

Sheriff Fitzgerald added he believes the public is safe but the attack was targeted due to the odd time and place for a random crime to occur. 

He said investigators have looked at social media platforms. They’ve interviewed sex offenders, family members, people who worked with the Closses at the Jennie-O plant, and some who were terminated who might have a revenge motive. They’ve taken DNA samples.  

Everyone has cooperated, Sheriff Fitzgerald said. 

He added investigators have even looked into “a couple hundred” tips from psychics and visionaries.

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