Expert reveals the secrets to getting a good night's sleep when flying economy class

If you're heading on a holiday or another business trip soon and want to know the best spot on the plane to get the most sleep, then look no further.

The restrictive leg room can be a pain for most when trying to get some extra shut-eye but a luxury aircraft interior specialist has revealed the best spots to try and get on a plane.

Vice President of AERIA Luxury Interiors in San Antonio, Texas, Ron Soret said the first step to getting a better spot in economy class is to book your seat ahead of time, and to make sure it's up the front.

The best part to sit on a plane is the front area. Source: AAP / Stock image

"The front part of the cabin is typically the most comfortable. Turbulence will be felt throughout the airplane but is milder in the forward part," he told the Daily Mail.

Seats in line with the wings or in front of them will experience less turbulence because the tail of the plane is likely to bob where as the wings keep the plane balanced.

The front is also the quieter part of the plane, he said.

Say 'no' to the middle seat

While there are pros and cons for both the window and aisle seat, it's best to avoid the middle one.

Soret said he prefers the aisle seat to optimise his leg room and having his own access to overhead compartments but of course, it requires you to get up any time someone needs to get out of your row.

Soret said the window seat offers a lot of perks. Source: AAP / Stock image

Meanwhile the window seat offers comfort as the passenger can lean their head on the window.

Everyone else in the row is also at the window passenger's beck and call when they need to get up.

Get the most out of your leg room

Leg room on airplanes vary from 71 to 86 centimetres in economy class with 29 to 81 centimetres being average.

Soret said his favourite area to optimise the leg room is the bulkhead seats or the first row with a wall in front of you.

Economy-plus seating also offers a little bit of extra space at a small cost.

Soret said if you do happen to get stuck in an unfortunate seat, bringing your own pillow, blanket and headphones can help you.