Expat loses it over stingray outside Myer: 'I love Australia!'

Jordana couldn't believe it was 'normal' to spot the creature just outside the popular Queensland shopping centre.

There are many similarities between Australia and the UK but one very evident difference is the wildlife, with many Aussies simply shrugging their shoulders at an animal sighting which stops Brits in their tracks.

This was true for one British expat whose shopping trip to the Sunshine Plaza in Queensland at the start of the month started with disbelief when she spotted a stingray barely visible in the creek outside the shopping centre.

"I mean I know they exist in Australia, but in my mind they're in the wild or the zoo…not right by where I buy my shoes," Jordana told Yahoo News Australia. "In the UK the most outrageous animal I would see is a squirrel, or a pigeon."

The stingray was spotted by Jordana in the shopping centre's pontoon on the Sunshine Coast. Source: TikTok
Jordana spotted the stingray in a creek outside the shopping centre on the Sunshine Coast. Source: TikTok

In the video Jordana's Aussie companion can be overheard confirming that yes, it was indeed a stingray in the water — metres away from the large Myer sign at the entrance to the shopping mall. "Quite regular to see them here," he said.

"It’s definitely more exciting living in Australia," Jordana said, before sharing she lovingly nicknamed the stingray Bernard.

'Normal' to see wildlife at the shopping centre

The video generated a lot of interest online with many people saying it's "normal" for Aussies to have "shopping buddies", especially at this particular mall.

The stingray is barely visible against the rock on the pontoon floor.
Jordana's Aussie companion shared the animals are 'often' spotted in the water. Source: TikTok

"I work at this plaza and there's heaps of fish here. Kids feed them," one worker said, with another sharing a similar sentiment that the Sunshine Plaza is notorious for wildlife. "We always stop to look at the aquatic life there when we visit," another said.

"Welcome to the Sunny Coast!" a third said, with Jordana admitting it was another thing about the country she appreciates.

"I love Australia!"

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