British expat blasts five worst things about living in Melbourne

His opinions prompted a mixed reaction from the locals.

A British man has shared his top five annoyances with living in Melbourne, prompting a mixed reaction from locals.

Londoner Ralph Smith moved to Melbourne three months ago for his year abroad. And while disclosing he doesn't hate the city "at all," he decided to share his top grievances as a British expat while staying there.

The public transport system was at the top of his list, with Mr Smith slamming Myki cards as "useless".

Two photos of Ralph Smith, who's originally from London and is temporarily living in Melbourne.
A London local temporarily working in Melbourne has revealed his top five grievances with the city. Source: TikTok

"I've never witnessed such a bad put together transport system," he said on TikTok last month. "For some reason you cannot pay with your normal card, if you have an iPhone you can't add this card to your [Google] wallet to tap on and off."

"The second you forget it you can't get on public transport, it's very frustrating."

Myki can only be added to Google Wallet on Android phones. Though soon, Victorians will be able to use their phones, credit cards and smart watches to pay for public transport, after a new ticketing contract begins at the end of 2023.

Roads, weather, accomodation and homelessness

Other gripes encountered by the traveller were "how long it takes to cross the roads" and how unpredictable the weather is.

"Because the roads are so wide, it can take about five minutes — I'm not joking," he said. "These lights don't ever change. And the same if you're driving a car. I feel like you're just always sitting in traffic."

He also mentioned the "lack of accommodation available", claiming renting or buying is "impossible," as a place that gets listed will be snatched up "within a day".

"I could be completely wrong but I just feel like there's way too many people for the amount of accomodation available," he said.

Lastly, his experiences with "homeless people" and "drug addicts" have left him feeling "unsafe" and wishing there was some way to "fix" the issue of people living rough.

"The road between Flinders Street station and Collins Street is filled with people punching walls, screaming out loud, and you do not feel safe at all," he said in the video.

Mixed reaction from Melbourne locals

Mr Smith's viral video has been viewed more than 920,000 times, with many agreeing with his complaints, particularly on Myki and the weather.

"Worst system ever for public transport," one person said on TikTok. "I agree with you, reasonable justified opinions. I would add the internet, coverage and speed is abysmal," another said.

"Melbourne is notorious for its weather, it's like each block has its own weather system," a third person said.

However others disagreed and shared their own opinions. "Mate I’m in the UK right now from Aus and the trains and busses are extortionate here," one person said.

"I feel like other than the myki thing these are all worse in the UK? Well in London at least," another said.

"You’ll find most cities in Aus have housing/homelessness issues because we are in a housing crisis," a third person said.

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