'It's not a parking spot': Electric car owner's rant about infuriating act

Electric cars may be the way of the future, but the lack of charging stations in some areas is proving to make things difficult.

A TikTok user unleashed on people who hog electric charging stations for cars, urging owners to avoid doing what he saw when he went to charge his car.

"EV charging bays are NOT parking spaces for EVs," he captioned the video.

"It’s called etiquette."

Screenshot of the TiKTok video showing an electric car station with a white car plugged in.
The man was frustrated by the car parking in the charging bay. Source: TikTok

"If you're an EV owner please don't do this," the man said in the video, showing a rainy carpark in Caddens, Western Sydney.

He then explained he arrived at a charging station with only a third of a battery to find a car parked there.

"This car is plugged in and at 100 per cent and I have no idea where the owner is so now I've got to wait," he said furiously.

"It's an EV charging spot, not an EV parking spot," he continued.

The clip then jumped to several hours later, with the man still waiting for the car's owner to come out.

"He's still here, still using the charger that I need, two hours later.

'Come on, you just don't do this, please people."

Some TikTokers responded to the video asking the man why he just didn't take out the charger.

"Sadly not" he explained. "It's locked until the owner unlocks it."

Others tried to tell the man that it "wouldn't happen with a petrol car," however he swiftly reminded them there are far fewer charging stations than there are fuel bowsers.

"Imagine the wait time if each servo only had one bowser?" he commented. "More chargers are coming. Then problem solved."

How long does it take to charge an electric car?

It depends on the make of the car and charging station as to how long it takes to charge an electric car.

According to a comparison list on CarsGuide, people that have home chargers can charge their cars in seven to 43 hours depending on the model.

If cars are really running low, rapid charging stations can charge cars between 35 to 75 minutes, depending on the car battery size and model.

According to the Woollahra council website, charging stations are dual-port Level 2 AC with a power output of 22kW per port, which will provide a fast charging rate for most cars. This technology usually charges up to 150km/hour but will take less than 15 minutes to cover off your average daily drive.

In Victoria, you can be fined $99, or $330 should the matter be unsuccessfully contested in court, for parking in a charging bay when not charging a vehicle.

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