Eerie find near neighbour's house stumps Aussies

The Tasmanian man questioned how the creature got in it's condition.

The Hobart resident holding his dog who has the rabbit carcass in it's mouth (left). The eerie find on top of a green wheelie bin with the hind legs and their fur in tact (right).
The Hobart resident was confused by his eerie find, wondering how it had got in its condition. Source: Facebook

A man has been left searching for answers after his dog made a shocking discovery in his backyard this week, with many Aussies putting their minds together in a desperate search to solve the mystery.

The Hobart resident noticed something had caught the attention of his dog and was horrified when he caught sight of what had been found.

"The dog just pulled it out from under the bushes and [it] appears to be a very recent kill... nothing left but the spine, back legs and the feet [of the rabbit] which are fully intact," he wrote on social media. "Any thoughts on what created the demise?"

The man shared an image of him holding up his dog with the animal carcass firmly in its mouth.

Aussies began to guess what could possibly have happened to the rabbit with some suggesting a bird may have been capable of picking off flesh while keeping the spine intact, while others suggested it may have been nature at work — with the carcass' condition down to several different species.

"Might have been a quoll or eagle to start with, then finished off by rats and other scavengers," one Aussie guessed. However, another reckons a nearby neighbour was to blame for the interesting find, with the resident saying it was a "strong possibility" as his next door neighbour often hunts.

"With the skin left on the feet like that (I may be wrong) I am suspecting butchered on someone's kitchen bench then the carcass thrown away for the animals to clean up," one man wrote.

Cats were also suspected as well as chickens, yet the resident confirmed there are no "wild chooks" in his area.

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