Eerie dashcam captures Aussie driver's 'insane' late-night road encounter

The footage, captured in Western Australia, has left Aussies baffled over what's actually going on.

Eerie dashcam footage of a late-night close call on a remote stretch of highway has confused people all over the country over what's actually taken place during the "insane" encounter.

The bizarre vision shows a truck travelling along a regional stretch of highway in Meelon, 105km south of Perth in WA, just before 11pm last Monday. The driver uses high beam lights to brighten the road ahead before switching them off as an incoming vehicle is approached.

Footage divides Aussies

Once the driver gets a little closer, the vehicle is seen to be in fact be parked on the side of the road, with their high beams obstructing a strange scenario playing out in the middle of the highway.

Occurring all within a matter of seconds, an almost indistinguishable group of people can be seen carrying out a strange act in the middle of the road. The grainy footage appears to show at least two individuals standing beside the car, on the road, attempting to lift a third figure from the centre of the highway.

It's unclear whether that figure is a person or animal.

The strange footage taken in Meelon, WA.
The strange footage has divided people all over the country over what's taken place. Source: Facebook.

Human or animal?

Online, people were completely torn over what was playing out in the footage.

"WTF. The other car hit that guy? Got some real 'I know what you did last summer' vibes," one person wrote in response. "Thought it was a roo first off, but not too many roos around wearing shorts," another said.

"Is that a person they are dragging off the road or an animal?" said a man. "WTF are they pulling off the road? I’ve watched multiple times and still can’t figure it out," a woman said in confusion.

"Just slowed it down. There's three people on the road. One dragging another over and the third either running towards to help or away. Weird situation. Would love to know the story behind it," wrote another.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted WA Police for comment.

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