Dashcam footage of Aussie dog walker 'nearly run over' by motorist sparks debate

The footage posted online has sparked a debate over who is in the wrong.

An altercation between a motorist and a dog walker crossing a road has left Aussies divided over who is in the right and wrong.

The incident, which took place in Melbourne on Saturday, was captured on dashcam footage and shared online by the driver in question.

In the 26-second footage, two Aussies are chatting in a car as they approach a stop sign. Walking on the footpath on the left side of the frame, the woman appears with two dogs. Moments later, a loud thud can be heard out of shot.

“I’m walking across the road,” the woman is overheard shouting. One of the Aussies in the car responds, “It’s not a crosswalk,” before adding, “Excuse me.”

During the altercation, the dog walker allegedly punched the motorist's car. Source: Reddit
During the altercation, the dog walker allegedly punched the motorist's car. Source: Reddit

In a moment heard through audio only, the driver is thought to have jumped out of the car to confront the woman, concerned about damage to the car.

“I’m walking, you almost ran me over," says the woman. "I’m halfway through the road.”

“You were not,” a third voice interjects.

Sharing the footage on Reddit, the poster wrote: “According to her she was in the middle of the road and I nearly hit her, little does she know dash cams are a thing.”

Aussies divided over who is in the wrong

While some Aussies have sided with the poster of the dashcam footage, others agree with the dog walker.

“If she thinks that is right of way for her, I am surprised she hasn’t been run over yet,” said one person.

“You saw her coming and cut her off. I think you're the a***hole,” said another.

“There is literally a stop sign there, which you clearly violated by going across white line which is clearly visible on your video,” said a fourth. “If you have obeyed the law she would be able to safely cross the road. You are clearly in the wrong. What kind of hurry you are in that you can’t give way to a pedestrian?”

VicRoads rules laid bare

According to VicRoads, vehicles must give way to pedestrians in a number of instances.

“When turning at any intersection (except a roundabout), you must give way to any pedestrians crossing the road you are entering,” the website states. “At roundabouts be aware of pedestrians needing to cross, slow down and give them the space and time they need.

“In a shared zone shared by both vehicles and pedestrians, you must give way to pedestrians.”

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