Drivers warned about ‘extremely dangerous’ act

Queensland’s Department of Transport and Main Roads has quizzed residents over a dangerous act that could cost them over $1000 and four demerit points.

The department posed a question in the form of an image to drivers on Facebook on Monday.

It pictured a green car at a railway crossing.

“The boom gates are up, the red signals aren't flashing and there are no trains approaching,” it wrote.

“The green car wants to proceed through the level crossing but the road's blocked with traffic.

“Is the green car allowed to enter the level crossing?”

A green car is pictured waiting at a railway crossing.
Can the green car stop on the tracks if they are clear and the boom gates are up? Source: Queensland Transport and Main Roads

On Facebook, drivers were pretty unanimous in answering no.

“Not if he wants to live,” one woman wrote.

Another woman asked if the quiz was a joke.

“No, but even if it was, why on earth would you take that risk?” another woman wrote.

Warning over 'extremely dangerous' act on roads

The department wrote it was “thrilled” people knew the rule.

“A driver must not enter a level crossing if they cannot drive through the crossing because the road beyond is blocked,” the department wrote.

“In this circumstance the green car must stop and wait behind the stop line until traffic clears and they can safely proceed through the crossing.

“Queuing across a level crossing is extremely dangerous. Drivers need to ensure there is enough clearance on the other side before entering the crossing.”

A Translink bus crosses a level crossing in Brisbane.
A bus crosses a level crossing in Brisbane. Source: AAP

Drivers can cop a hefty fine too of up to $1102 and four demerit points if they either cause an obstruction at a level crossing or cause damage to infrastructure.

Simply blocking the crossing when the road ahead is congested is a $413 fine and three demerit points.

There are also $413 fines and three demerit point penalties for drivers who drive under or around the boom gates, and for disobeying the warning lights.

In February, a 32-year-old woman died after her car was hit by a train at a level crossing in Wynnum West.

Police said no one on the train was physically injured in the crash.

The crash remains under investigation.

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