'You made my day': Driver surprised by helpful note from 'policewoman'

Brooke Rolfe
News Reporter

A woman had her day made when she arrived back to her car after a shopping trip to an unexpected letter attached to her windscreen.

It wasn’t a note informing her of a bad parking job or that her car had been hit, instead it was a pleasant letter from a policewoman cluing her in on a minor error.

Tamara Gordon returned to the heartwarming note on her car at Westfield Miranda, in southern Sydney, on Monday.

“Cute number plates. You should know they’re around the wrong way. Big [plates] should be at the back and small [plates] at the front. Don’t want you getting fined,” the letter read.

“Regards, your local policewoman.”

This kind note was left attached to Tamara Gordon's car at the Miranda Westfield. Source: Supplied

Ms Gordon told Yahoo News Australia when she spotted the note she automatically thought the worst.

“Not going to lie I thought someone had hit my car and left a note! But when I read it I was so grateful for the kindness of the note,” she said.

“I’ve been following the kindness pandemic on Facebook and it was like my own feel good moment.”

She said the plates, which were white with pink print, were being switched by her brother on Tuesday.

Tamara Gordon was pleasantly surprised by a note she found on her car. Source: Facebook

Cute wouldn’t be the first word Ms Gordon would use to describe her plates, but she appreciated they had “struck a chord” with the policewoman.

“I’m super lucky it wasn’t someone out looking to fine people,” she said.

Ms Gordon wasn’t the only one touched by the kind act, with many people praising the “policewoman” after Ms Gordan shared an image of the note to Facebook.

“There is heaps of good coppers, what would we do without them,” one person wrote.

The note was placed on Ms Gordon's windscreen inside the Miranda Westfield car park. Source: Google Maps

“Super. That's when you know some police have the community's back not just their boss’,” another said.

“We never see these things. Protect and respect our police officers,” a third wrote.

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