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'Hand your licence in': Common parking centre fear realised in frightening accident

Drivers at a Sydney shopping centre were caught in a frightening moment with nowhere to go when a car on an exit ramp suddenly reversed in to them at speed.

The moment was caught on dashcam video which appeared to be filmed in 2019 but only shared online for the first time on the Dash Cam Owners Australia Facebook page on Thursday. It quickly drew thousands of comments.

The car can be seen wedged in between two others after suddenly reversing on the car park exit ramp.
Dash Cam Owners Australia footage shows two cars stuck after a white car suddenly reverses at them.

In the footage several cars can be seen heading out the exit of what some viewers claimed was the car park at Westfield Liverpool in Sydney’s south-west.

As the vehicles line up on the exit ramp, they brake briefly while waiting their turn.

Suddenly, a white vehicle attempts to drive forward but instead launches backwards into two queued cars. The force props the white car in the air between the two others.

While Facebook viewers have been left divided over whether the driver at fault was behind the wheel of an automatic or manual, many agreed the incident was their “greatest fear”.

“Whoever puts their car into park when just sitting in the queue of a car park - do us all a favour: Hand your licence back in, and get rid of your car,” one woman wrote.

“There is literally ZERO reason to put your car in park in this situation. Stop being lazy and just keep your foot on the brake.”

Another man commented that it was “unfortunately not as rare as you would think”.

“Someone puts their (auto) car into park whilst stopped, and only shifts it to reverse instead of drive…” he wrote.

“Hand your licence in. If you can't even drive an auto, leave the car alone and catch the bus,” a second man chimed in.

Others joked “people are finding very creative ways to break the social distancing rules” amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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