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Driver accused of throwing killed pedestrians clothing in bin after fatal accident

A truck driver has been captured on camera as he allegedly peeled a pedestrian's clothes from the bottom of his vehicle and threw them in a bin after a fatal crash in Sydney.

CCTV footage allegedly shows the driver working to hide the evidence in the wake of the deadly incident.

Jo-Ann Thwaites was hit by two trucks at a pedestrian crossing at Brookvale, with detectives claiming the first driving fled the scene.

They say they now believe he threw her clothing in a bin after peeling it off the bottom of his vehicle.

Police alleged within minutes of leaving the grandmother for dead, driver Emanuel Xiberras was concealing his crime.

Security footage shows a Lilydale truck reversing into a northern beaches loading dock but it was no ordinary delivery.

As he waits to deliver his load the 36-year-old can be seen inspecting underneath his truck.

Wearing cleaning gloves, he also checks over his bumper bar before casually ducking under another truck's tray and dumping an armful of objects into a bin.

A purple cardigan appears to be among the items. It allegedly belong to 61-year-old Jo An Thwaites.

Jo-Ann Thwaites was killed on a pedestrian crossing after she was hit by two trucks. Photo: Supplied
Jo-Ann Thwaites was killed on a pedestrian crossing after she was hit by two trucks. Photo: Supplied

Xiberras is accused of ploughing into the grandmother as she crossed Pittwater Road on Friday morning and failing to stop.

She was thrown into the path of another truck - its driver did stop to help.

But she died at the scene.

Police said Ms Thwaites had been on a pedestrian crossing at the time of the "tragic event"

The driver's family had nothing to say on incident as crash investigators targeted his employer, raiding the Baiaba depot at Giraween.

Defects were found in 13 of 23 vehicles.

But the company behind big brands like Steggles and Lilydale says it does not own or operate any of the truckls that received breaches.