Dramatic footage shows California teacher being dragged to shore after shark attack

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New footage has emerged of a heroic rescue effort to save a heavily bleeding surfer being pulled to shore after he attacked by a shark off the coast of California.

Steve Bruemmer was reportedly left with a broken femur and bleeding from stomach and arm injuries after being bitten by a shark at Lover’s Point in Pacific Grove, on Wednesday morning.

Video obtained by KSBW 8 shows a group going to help Mr Bruemmer after he was pulled into shore by a pair of “hero” beachgoers.

Mr Bruemmer can be seen lying on a longboard as he is pulled onto the beach, and soon after first responders arrive to administer first aid.

Sacramento police officer Paul Bandy and his wife called 911 after spotting Mr Bruemmer struggling in the water, and went out into the water to bring him back to shore.

“He was screaming for help, you could tell the sound and the emotion in his voice that there was something definitely wrong and he was slapping the water,” Mr Bandy told  KSBW 8.

“I wasn’t sure if that was some sort of thing he was trying to get something away from him or just trying to draw attention to himself.”

Steve Bruemmer is brought into shore after being attacked by a shark (Facebook)
Steve Bruemmer is brought into shore after being attacked by a shark (Facebook)

Another rescuer, Heath Braddock, told KSBW 8 that he had been teaching surfing on the beach when he heard a surfer was in trouble.

“We got my biggest board and the gentleman, Paul, helped me roll the victim on the board belly down and got him kind of centered and stable. We had him hold my food and we paddled him in.”

Mr Bruemmer, a member of a local swimming club and retired teacher, was later taken to Natividad Medical Center in Salinas with injuries to the leg and stomach.

The beach has since been closed for 48 hours.

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