Dog thrown off overpass dies in Perth

A dog has allegedly been thrown off an overpass and killed in Perth, in what the RSPCA has called the 'worst act of animal cruelty’ it has seen in years.

Police are trying to track down the dogs owner.

One witness, known only as Luke, was travelling along the Mitchell Freeway near Joondalup at 6am on Friday when he came across a very unexpected scene.

Approaching the Hodges Drive exit, he said he noticed a man throwing something off the overpass.

Only as he slowed down, did he realise it was a dog - a Staffordshire Bull Terrier that looked about two years old.

“It was incredible, I had no idea what was going on. I just went straight into shock," he said.

The dog was taken to a vet in Balcatta, but its injuries were too severe and it was put down.

The RSPCA is now trying to find who was responsible.

The dog was taken to a local vets but had to be put down. Photo: 7 News
The dog was taken to a local vets but had to be put down. Photo: 7 News

“Whoever has done this just is incredibly, incredibly callous. This indeed is a serious, serious offence,” RSPCA chief inspector Amanda Swift said.

The offence could incur a $50,000 fine and time in jail.

Witnesses have described the man as bald, middle aged and with a large build.

But the RSPCA does not know if he was the dog's owner.

Unfortunately, it is one of several incidents of alleged animal cruelty in Australia in just two months.