WATCH: 'Hero' stray dog attacks man trying to rob a woman in the street

A courageous dog has been hailed a hero after it attacked a man who tried to rob a woman while walking down the street.

CCTV footage shows the moment the dog, believed to be a stray, came to the rescue of the woman in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, after a man in a hooded yellow jacket tried to snatch her bag, RTCG reported.

The dog was initially minding its own business in the street. Facebook/Podgoricki Vermeplov

The dog can be seen sat in the middle of the road as the woman walks past, quickly followed by the man.

Soon after they pass the dog, the man grabs the unsuspecting victim and wrestles her to the ground.

The dog came to the rescue of the woman as she was flung to the ground. Facebook/Podgoricki Vermeplov
The dog even chased the robber down the street. Facebook/Podgoricki Vermeplov

The dog leaps into action and attacks the robber, appearing to bite him on his backside before chasing him down the street.

The video was shared to a local Podgorica Facebook page and has been viewed over 130,000 times as well as garnering a string of comments hailing the dog's actions.

"Bravo for the dog, more proof that dogs are better than most people," one praising comment read.